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If you need to cancel your private lesson you must give 48 hours’ notice, or by 9:00am the day before your private lesson booking. If sufficient notice is not given the full charge out rate for this lesson will apply. To cancel a scheduled private lesson please complete a Private Lesson Cancellation form, call 0437 699 544 or email



All private lessons must be paid for on the day of the lesson. Alternatively, you can pay for private lessons up front at the start of the term or in advance at any stage throughout the term. If payment is not received prior to the commencement of the following week a 10% fee will apply.



All music supplied and routines prepared by the teacher for any individual student or group of students, shall remain property of Dance Nation. Routines are prepared solely for representing Dance Nation and performing at eisteddfods and other studio performances. Routines are not permitted to be used at any other event (ie. school functions) without prior knowledge and permission. If you would like to perform a Dance Nation solo at another event, you must complete an Approval to Perform form.

Private Tuition 2024

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